Who is rachel dating on glee, finn-rachel relationship

Santana-Dani Relationship. Finn tells Rachel that he isn't sure whom he would vote for when it came down the elections. Proceeds from the lifestyle collection benefited Feeding America. However, Finn stops at the train station so Rachel can go to New York.

Or she takes that sweater and tucks it into the skirt and pairs it with knee highs and flats. Finn sees Brody and his eyes shift back at Rachel, full of confusion and hurt. Mercedes-Tina Relationship. Rachel assures him - while sitting on his lap - that she is happy to marry Finn, even if that means ugly chairs. He stares the locker watch once again, ang dating daan being hypnotized again.

Rachel Berry

Rachel points out that it was Finn who inspired her to be a better person. It's all part of the plan and it's all good! Finn looks jealous when he finds Rachel impressed with Puck's performance. Santana offers to be Rachel's understudy when Rachel is stuck in Los Angeles for a television show audition. In Acafellas, Finn was concerned, and asked what happened to Will, as Rachel had explained, what happened with Dakota Stanley.

Finn-Rachel Relationship

Instead, he supports her, and they promise they will never break up with each other. Furthermore, Finn seems flattered when Rachel looks at him during the song. After losing at Nationals, they eventually get back together.

Rachel and Finn tell the Glee Club about their engagement. Rachel Barbra Berry is a fictional character and de facto female lead from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. Finn returns to Glee to help out at Sectionals and tells Rachel that it's time for her to take the spotlight and perform. Kurt-Chandler Relationship. However, it is debatable as to whether he rejected the offer solely due to not being able to afford to take her to the junior prom, or, because he genuinely had no interest in attending as her date.

She is called back for further auditions for the title role, Fanny Brice. He tells Rachel he will not leave until they find out if her nose is broken. The two of them are also in the halls together in support of Puck and his re-test, which he passes with a C-. Mercedes mentions Rachel when she lists the girls who Sam has been romantically involved with. Awards and nominations Merchandise.

Rachel-Sam Relationship

They soon get in a fight and Finn storms out of Rachel's room. She tells Jesse that her dream is to find her birth mother, and he offers to help her do so. After finding out about Karofsky, while at her locker Rachel says that she wants to marry Finn right away. However, the pair continues to feel attracted to one another.

On the plaque is a quote from A Night of Neglect. Then Sue later comes in complaining about Myron Muskovitz and tells them that she needs all of them to be the new back up dancers for Myron. She continually looks through pictures of her and Finn on her iPhone.

Afterwards, both Finn and Rachel agree they were wrong to take the drugs, and come clean to Will Schuester. Finn-Brittany Relationship. Finn tells her that he still loves her, alone but that she needs to surrender and let go.

To his utter delight, she catches it. Santana-Finn Relationship. Her persistence and Tina's help persuade Ms.

Finn-Rachel Relationship

  1. Finn sings to her in Stop!
  2. Rachel starts to break into tears as she realizes Finn is breaking up with her.
  3. Quinn-Santana Relationship.

Rachel-Sam Relationship

Lea Michele

Mercedes and Rachel are double cast as Maria and Mercedes declines, causing Rachel to get the part by default. For a short time Rachel believes that she is dating Finn, but he tells her that he needs to take time out for himself. Later in the choir room, Rachel plays on the piano, as Sam comes in. The big problem about her feelings towards him is that he is dating her nemesis, Quinn Fabray. James who happens to be the lead singer of rival team Vocal Adrenaline and they start dating.

He says hi to her, believing she just arrived. This Week in Beverly Hills. Marley-Kitty Relationship. In addition, Rachel and Finn demonstrate that they always work better together.

Who is rachel dating on glee

The fight is broken up and both of them are kicked out of the Prom. Rachel finds this ridiculous, as she thinks the arts are just as important. Later on, in the choir room, Rachel hears a voice, echoing from somewhere. Marley-Brittany Relationship. Throwdown When Quinn is cleaning Finn's face, josh kwondike bar Rachel is staring at him.

Either way, the statement appears to make Rachel both hurt and embarrassed. She makes it her way, which is more quirky. Kurt disagrees and says their friendship will survive the distance between them. This is just the beginning!

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He agrees as long as she runs the club. Brittany-Blaine Relationship. In the mean time, Sam asks Finn if he still has feelings for Quinn, Finn clearly responds that he is in love with Rachel. While talking to Mercedes about relationships Rachel says there was a time when she thought she might like him, but feels it was just because she was missing home and he was close to Finn.

Finn-Rachel Relationship

Who is rachel dating on glee

What I loved most was that the new blood didn't try to be the new versions of the old characters. When Artie starts questioning Rachel about what is happening, she faints by the pressure. He also helps Rachel in the game, by pointing to the spot where she needs to be. Rachel asks why he didn't stick up for her when they voted, and he claims that it wouldn't have mattered.

Santana-Brittany-Quinn Relationship. When Finn comes out to talk to her Kurt leaves. Despite this, comparativa portales dating Santana reassures her and they discuss the next step in their campaign.

  • While upstairs, Rachel proceeds with her extremely long pre-bedtime routine.
  • American actress, singer and author.
  • She snaps her fingers, which wakes Sam up.
  • Rachel tells Finn that she won and Finn tells Rachel he lost.
  • The Hurt Locker, Part One.
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Rachel Berry

This shows Finn's deep passion for Rachel. At the wedding reception, Rachel comforts Finn, reassuring him that Emma's running off had nothing to do with him. Kurt-Mercedes Relationship. One of the three things is letting him touch Rachel's breasts. Original Song After Rachel agrees to help Mercedes and her diva demands, Finn looks after her with awe and appreciation, while Quinn looks worriedly at Finn.

Rachel-Sam Relationship

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